Viking Holding AS

Viking Holding AS is the holding company of the Hansen-Tangen family and provides the necessary capital to Viking Development Group. Viking Holding has deep roots in the Norwegian maritime industry with wide-ranging international expertise and experience from Asia, primarily.

Through its ownership of V-Tech AS, Viking Holding helped create the award-winning products UniTong and UniSlips. In 2005, V-Tech won the "Woelfel Best Mechanical Award" for the UniTong at OTC, the world’s biggest oil industry trade fair in Houston. In 2007, the company won the award again, this time for the UniSlips. Only one other Norwegian company has won the prize previously, and no other Norwegian company has won the award twice. V-Tech was sold to Weatherford in 2008.

"The idea behind Viking Development Group is to create an environment that allows innovative and creative people to develop their ideas into patented, commercial products and systems. We believe this is best achieved by making the inventors active participants in the business, so that they have sufficient security and the right incentives to achieve their dreams and aspirations. Technical innovation and the power of capital should go hand-in-hand, and together this forms the basis for a unique Think Tank."

Tore Hansen-Tangen, Chairman of Viking Holding AS


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