Viking Development Groupů searching for bright minds!

We are looking persons who are open to new ideas, eager to learn and to digest new knowledge, genuinely interested in their job, take personal responsibility in fulfilling the job requirements, and see to that the tasks are successfully completed at the end of the day.


We search for the fiery souls! The positive ones; not afraid of taking risks. The creative and the problem solvers. The ones who dare to go all out. Those who work hard and the enthusiasts! People who view problems as exciting challenges.

If you recognize yourself in this description, and you are a technically skilled person, take a chance and send us an application! We are always interested in listening to people with clever ideas, who want to succeed and create something both for themselves and others. If you are such a person, we urge you to contact us for a non-committal talk.


Viking Development Group invests in and/or develop innovative companies and technologies related to the maritime industry, environmental technology and environmentally friendly energy production. The projects we develop are patentable and intended for an international market. Some travel activity must therefore be expected.


Job applications can be sent to


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