Viking Holding AS is the holding company of the Hansen-Tangen family and provides the necessary capital to Viking Development Group. Viking Holding AS has deep roots in the Norwegian maritime industry with wide-ranging international expertise and experience, especially in Asia. Founded in 1969, it started out chartering an 85,000 dwt tanker from the Japanese company SANKO Steamship.

The company was originally named AS Kompass and was part of H.E. Hansen-Tangen Rederi AS, one of Norway’s oldest shipping companies. In the 70s, Viking Holding AS (initially led by H.E. Hansen-Tangen Rederi) shifted its focus to the offshore industry and for the next two decades it was involved in all kinds of drilling operations, from operating drill rigs and drill ships to designing and constructing drill barges. Among the drilling units the company owned and operated was the semi-submersible “Haakon Magnus”, which was named after HRH Crown Prince Haakon Magnus and christened by HRH Queen Sonja in 1975.

In the early 90s, Viking Holding AS embarked on a new challenge in the dredging industry and more recently it has been putting its extensive experience and knowledge of the industry into developing new products. The BulClaimer, a new system used to transport sand using conventional bulk carriers, was a result of this. 

Through its ownership of V-Tech AS, Viking Holding AS helped create the award-winning oil rig products UniTong and UniSlips. In 2005 V-Tech AS won the Woelfel Best Mechanical Engineering Award for the product UniTong at the world’s biggest oil industry trade fair in Houston. In 2007, the company won the award again, this time for the product UniSlips. Only one other Norwegian company has won this prestigious award previously, but no other Norwegian company has won the award twice. In 2008, V-Tech AS was sold to Weatherford for NOK 400million.

In 2008 Viking Holding AS started up with fresh ideas and new activities through establishment of Viking Development Group. The business concept is to develop new business through supporting individuals with innovative and patentable ideas.






UniTong was developed during2003-2006. The machine can connect and disconnect drill pipe as well as casing and tubing on oil platforms. It also has additional functions that improve safety on the drill floor. UniTong replaces up to five other machines and is currently operational on several oil installations worldwide. UniTong won Best Mechanical Engineering Award at the world’s largest oil industry trade fair, OTC, in 2005 and was sold as part of V-Tech AS to Weatherford in 2008. The revenue is being used to develop new technology.

UniSlips was developed during 2006-2008. UniSlips is positioned underneath the UniTong; it holds the drill pipe in place when connecting and disconnecting pipes of various dimensions. As with the UniTong, the UniSlips replaces several machines and improves safety on the drill floor. UniSlips also won Best Mechanical Engineering Award at the world’s largest oil industry trade fair, OTC, in 2007 and was sold as part of V-Tech to Weatherford in 2008. The revenue is being used to develop new technology.

Sandpiper was developed during 2008-2009 and is the first product developed by Viking Development Group. Sandpiper is the highly improved successor to the BulClaimer system, which was developed in 1999. A scaled prototype has been successfully tested in Norway. Sandpiper is expected to be operational in South East Asia during 2010/2011.



CraftWater is being developed by Viking Development Group. The system produces fresh water from salt or brackish water in such an effective energy-saving way that it can run on solar power alone. In contrast to other similar technologies on the market, CraftWater does not depend on existing infrastructure to work – and can therefore operate anywhere in the world, also in remote areas. CraftWater currently produces water at half the cost of alternative technologies.

CraftEngine is an automotive-engineered heat engine technology that can produce electricity from renewable low-temperature (< 220 °C) heat sources. The CraftEngine technology can produce electrical power at small scales, typically in the range from ~2 to 50 kW, depending on the system configuration. The key strength of the CraftEngine technology is the combination of small scale with the automotive design approach, which results in a low-cost solution. There are currently no other technologies in the market that share these features.

CraftEngine is a highly suitable technology for waste heat utilisation as well as for combined heat and power (CHP) production, for example from biomass boilers. It's also well adapted for use with additional heat sources such as diesel generators, incinerators, geothermal and solar thermal.

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