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Viking Dredging introduces a new way of transporting sand by using bulk carries and/or barges.

Sand transportation is big business in countries where there's scarcity of land. The sand is used to reclaim land for housing and industrial developments. Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong, as well as countries in the Middle East, have transported several billion cubic meters (m3) of sand over the last decades. In the next 15 years, Singapore alone is expected to need 1 billion m3 of sand for projects that are ongoing or planned.





Viking Dredging's Sandpiper and Sandbox technology can be retrofitted to any bulk or barge vessel, and only consists of well-known parts that can be easily and readily obtained at a low cost. The system allows for quick drainage of water during loading (patented) and facilitates swift unloading through fluidization (patented). The system does not require any structural changes to the vessel, and it can be easily brought into other trades by simply removing the system or even allowing it to stay onboard.

We believe our technology is perfectly positioned to take a sizeable portion of the sand reclamation market. 

"At Viking Development Group, you're given the opportunity to develop your own ideas and receive your fair share of the value creation."

Helge-Ruben Halse, Inventor and Partner

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