Newsletter 19.09.2013

Major milestone achieved!

CraftEngine demo units successfully tested - and soon to be shipped around the world.

This week the CraftEngine team wrote history by proving that a commercially built CraftEngine works as intended - and an exciting new Milestone in the CraftEngine story was thus achieved. The first of the 15 CraftEngine demo units passed through Factory Acceptance Testing at AVL Schrick in Remscheid, Germany, and met our targets by a wide margin.


Tore Hansen-Tangen, Chairman of Viking Heat Engines, says: «A few years ago our inventor Harald Nes Rislå presented to me the idea of an engine that would revolutionize the energy market. Though it almost sounded too good to be true, we believed in it from the start and this week we proved that it pays off to have visions and to think big.”


Showcase – Asia Pacific Clean Energy in Hawaii

It gives us great pride that together with our US Partners - Ethosgen Llc and B/E Aerospace we were chosen as one of several hundred applicants to showcase the CraftEngine Technology at the Asia Pacific Clean Energy Summit and Expo.


From left to right: Andreas Mück (AVL), Bill Abrams (B/E) and
James Abrams (Ethosgen) together with a US Military representative

In a separate showcase session for Defense Energy technology the CraftEngine was presented as a future promising product before a panel of experts from all US Military branches, Department of Energy and the US Development Agency. “We appreciate the visibility provided for the CraftEngine and our partners – and see this as yet another important vehicle to propel the CraftEngine into the world market for novel renewable and energy efficient solutions”, concludes Tore Hansen-Tangen on his return from the summit in Hawaii.


Commercially viable – without incentives

“The results in Germany are a verification of our high expectations and we can safely conclude that this machine will be able to deliver up to 100.000 kWh annually - at an installed cost of €1.500-2.000 per kW capacity. The total electricity production will of course vary depending on running hours against different heat sources, but the tests show that in  the best cases production costs as low as 4 € cents/kWh are indeed feasible”,  Hansen-Tangen continues.



CraftEngine – the demo unit, final cabinet version

Andreas Mück, Project Manager at AVL, says: “The results are truly remarkable and we have come a long way since we began our cooperation with Viking in 2011. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the whole process is how quickly we have been able to bring the CraftEngine from the proof-of-concept stage to a fully functional, commercial demo unit. The mere speed of the process is the result of a fantastic cooperation between two extremely dedicated teams at Viking Heat Engines and AVL”.


Demo units ready for field testing

The CraftEngine, which produces heat and electricity from renewable heat sources and low-temperature waste heat, will now be shipped to partners around the world for further field testing.  B/E Aerospace in the US, Caterpillar-subsidiary MWM GmbH in Germany, ETA Heiztechnik GmbH in Austria, which specializes in biomass boilers for the European heating market and Mitsui & Co Ltd., are  partners that Viking Heat Engines will work w ith in the months ahead to make sure the CraftEngine is ready for mass production at the end of 2014.


The Board of Directors on the first day of running

”Our wide range of partners shows how versatile the engine is and that it can be fitted to meet a large variety of energy consumers,” Hansen-Tangen says. ”We have big hopes for the CraftEngine in the years to come and potential distribution partners are now lining up to team with us  based on the upcoming real life field-testing of the commercial versions of the CraftEngine.


Financing secured until serial production

The field testing will run until summer next year, and the company has secured adequate financing until we push the button to establish serial production of the CraftEngine sometime in the spring of 2014.








Inventor Harald Nes Rislå with the CraftEngine demo unit.


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