News 20.06.2012

John G. Bernander - New CEO in Viking Heat Engines AS

I am pleased to announce that Viking Development Group has succeeded in contracting John G. Bernander, the current CEO of NHOto join us in our endeavors to develop new and innovative products to the market. From start his main task will be to lead Viking Heat Engines in establishing serial production and commercialization of CraftEngine. CraftEngine is showing very positive test results, and is being developed to deliver very promising and efficient small scale electricity production based on bio-mass or other renewable heat sources, says Tore Hansen-Tangen, founder and majority shareholder in the Viking Development Group.


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I feel confident that John G. Bernander brings with him an international experience, broad business network and enthusiasm which will help propel the innovative CraftEngine to a commercial success, concludes Tore Hansen-Tangen. Bernander has had a long career in both business and politics which will further strengthen the competence of the dedicated Viking Team when he joins at the latest in December, says Tore Hansen-Tangen.

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