New headquarters

Viking Development Group relocated to new headquarters in ěstre Strandgate no. 40 in the centre of Kristiansand in February 2010.

The building has been fully renovated and holds top standard with audio-visual theater, fitness studio, a fully equipped kitchen, several meeting rooms and offices to suit the employees.

Tor Hodne, Managing Director, says: "We have tried to create a work environment that is stylish yet comfortable; a place that the employees look forward to go to when they wake up in the morning."

He half-jokingly adds: "And certainly they shouldn't want to go home in the evening!"
Viking Development Group | ěstre Strandgate 40, Pb. 22, NO-4661 Kristiansand, Norway | Tel: +47 38 10 41 00 Fax: +47 38 02 08 40 |