Newsflash 04.06.2015

Staff News Flash
Viking Development Group  and John Bernander, through Tophdal AS, have decided not to renew their 3 year contract for Management Services, when it expires end August this year.

“I have been engaged in a number of other companies and commercial activities, that have led to a gradual reduction of Tophdal AS’s commitments and activities for Viking Development Group in general, and the CraftEngine project in particular”, says John Bernander. “It has been a rewarding experience to promote and establish Viking Heat Engines as a partner in many international partnerships, and to see the company now engage in commercial operations and developing its sales potential”, continues Bernander.

“We have been fortunate to work with Tophdal AS and John Bernander in this early phase of development for Viking Heat Engines AS”, says Tore Hansen-Tangen, Chairman of Viking Development Group. “He has been instrumental in establishing many of our international partnerships and testing agreements. We are now at a stage where a permanent staff is required for the further growth of the company and its commercial activities, and we understand that Tophdal AS will not have the capacity to provide this”, adds Hansen-Tangen. “As Chairman, I’m pleased to announce that John Bernander has agreed to continue as non-executive Director, and will be there for us in that capacity”, concludes Hansen-Tangen. 

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