Newsletter 26.03.2015

Viking Heat Engines hosts "GREEN BARBADOS" conference, Hilton Barbados

The initiative to make Barbados ‘green’ within the next five years and one of the first countries in the Americas to be largely renewable energy-based, was successfully launched on the island last week. It took the form of a one-day “Green Barbados” conference and workshop at the Hilton Barbados Resort on Tuesday, March 17, hosted by Viking Heat Engines with support from the Barbados Government’s Division of Energy.


At the meeting were persons from Emera Caribbean, Barbados Light and Power, Ministry of Energy, Central Bank, Williams Industries, Sandy Lane Hotel, Barbados Water Authority, Megapower, Barbados National Oil Company, the University of the West Indies, the United Nations Development Programme, European Union, Cave Shepherd, as well as others.


The visiting and local private and public sector participants were addressed by Senator Darcy Boyce, Minister responsible for Energy in the office of the Prime Minister, following opening remarks by Tore Hansen-Tangen, Executive Chairman of the Viking Development Group, whose presence at the workshop also comprised representatives from both the Norwegian mother company and its technology partners in Germany and Austria.


Mr. Hansen-Tangen commented on his vision to make the island 100% renewable within 5 years: “We know this can be achieved, not by us alone, but if we join forces. It is you, the Barbadians, headed by the Barbadian government, that have to lead the way. We can only be a helping hand. We are not here today – and let us stress this – to teach you or to give lessons... that is not why we are here, but to show you, in our way, that it is, that the 100 per cent Barbados green island is not only an ideal in our heads, but it is achievable.”


The agenda also included presentations and discussion on such alternative energy technologies as solar, biomass, wind, electric transportation, smart grid deployment, geothermal and waste energy.


Among the presenters was David McGregor, Vice President Asset Management with Emera (Caribbean) Inc. Mr. McGregor stressed the fact that Emera is already committed to the ‘greening’ of Barbados and presented Emera’s lomg term plan to make this possible – as quickly as possible.


The workshop was intended to start the process of making Barbados as free as economically and financially viable from fossil fuels as soon as possible; and for residents to use electricity more efficiently and pay less for it through economies of scale associated with an intelligent grid infrastructure and taking advantage of highly efficient emerging technologies.


Hansen-Tangen further notes: “In addition to the obvious benefits of lowering electricity prices to a sustainable level and thereby reducing the financial burden to the economy of Barbados, we believe the reputational value of this initiative will allow for significant growth of Barbados’ tourism sector through new Eco tourism and similar branding.”


Most of the speakers at the conference pointed to the CraftEngine as one of the enabling technologies that can play an important role in making Barbados and the rest of the Caribbean ‘green’.


Dr. Dirk Nuber, recently appointed Regional Manager Caribbean for Viking Heat Engines, led the conference and enthusiastically comments: “This was a great experience and a good start for our efforts in the Caribbean. We have already received a number of very concrete business opportunities in the region and I look forward to getting 5-10 CraftEngines firmly on the ground and operational by the end of the year. I just can’t wait to get started!” 




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