Newsletter 18.12.2014





Dear Readers,

Another year is coming towards its end, but before we start the New Year quite a few of us will celebrate Christmas - and almost all of us will celebrate the end of one year and the start of the New Year 2015.

The people that are working with the CraftEngine every day all have reasons for celebrating - and we take every opportunity to do so. During 2014, the CraftEngine proved to become a great technical success, and we have high expectations that we will be able to translate this into an even greater commercial success in 2015!

Together with AVL List GmbH, we have developed the first tailor-made piston-based ORC expander in the world, and itís unique in so many ways. First of all, itís extremely flexible in terms of variations in temperature and flow.  Secondly, it will last for 10 years at full 24/7 operation. But most importantly, itís becoming more and more cost competitive due to our efforts in clever engineering, aggressive cost measures and large volumes. With our New Yearís gift to the world, the 40 kWe PowerPack, we believe we will reach the Ä1500 mark per installed kWe. This may again bring the price down to as little as Ä0.03 per kWh produced.

 The PowerPack is however just the beginning. Together with AVL, we have firmly established the Technology Platform from which we can develop larger engines that can bring us down to cost levels below Ä500 per installed kW - or less than Ä0.01/kWh. The technology is established, tested and proven, and itís patent protected with a comprehensive set of patents. Any further development into larger engines is consequently standard automotive engineering, an exercise which AVL have done hundreds of times before.

In 2015, we will be entering the commercial world with our CraftEngine. We have already received orders for units that will be delivered next year, and more sales are in the pipeline. We are aiming to place an order for at least 250 PowerPacks for delivery in 2015/2016, a number that can easily be increased to more than twice as many if necessary. With one PowerPack giving around 40 kW net to the grid, 250 PowerPacks means an installed capacity of 10 MW. In addition we will deliver single 10 kW units all over the world.

As the Founder and Chairman of Viking Heat Engines AS, I want first of all to express my gratitude and thanks not only to our personnel under the Viking Heat Engine banner in Norway but also to Germany and our partner AVL Schrick GmbH - who deserves a great round of applause! I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our precious testing partners around the world, including all the marvellous people within those companies. You have all shown us a great deal of faith in taking on our CraftEngine for internal testing and thereby enabling us to enter the commercial world of renewable energy with the knowledge that we have the best product available on the market.

My sincere wishes for a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a GREAT 2015!

Tore Hansen-Tangen

Executive Chairman


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