Newsletter 29.09.2014

Viking Heat Engines lands € 1.8 million sales deal with B/E Aerospace

Today, B/E Aerospace signed a Purchase Order for a significant number of 40 kW CraftEngine PowerPacks to be delivered in 2015 and 2016. The deliveries will commence in Q2-2015 and the units will be used for field testing purposes towards various end customers in the US, including different arms of the US military forces.


“This is a major commercial milestone for our company”, Managing Director of Viking Heat Engine, Tor Hodne, says. “We have been working with B/E for more than 2 years now, gradually developing our combined product and partnership. We are very pleased that the recent demonstrations and customer feedback in the US have proven to be so successful that B/E now actually places their first real order”.


Bill Abrams, Director of Business Development at B/E comments: “We are very excited about the CraftEngine technology and the synergy it has with our thermal management technology. Our expanded partnership allows us to pursue a wide variety of commercial and technical opportunities. We are especially keen to now have the opportunity to receive 40 kW units along with the present 10 kW machine, and we will do our utmost to market the combined technology with the aggression that it deserves in the US market”.


“The PowerPack is the first stepping stone towards larger engines and higher outputs” says Harald Nes Rislå, R&D Director of Viking Heat Engines. “With this important contract, the foundation of our engine program has been laid, and we look forward to delivering high quality larger engines - based on the very same design principles of the CraftEngine Technology Platform that we have developed over the past three years”.


Camp Pendleton – Demonstration for the US Military




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