Newsletter 18.09.2014

Viking Heat Engines signs € 6.7 million contract with AVL Schrick GmbH for deliveries of CraftEngine PowerPacks in 2015

Following a string of successful demonstrator tests around the world, Viking and AVL have agreed to continue the CraftEngine development program and further increase the market potential with a 40 kW PowerPack, to be ready for field installations and market introduction in Q2-2015.


The PowerPack development is based on the present 10 kW single cylinder version and the technology platform that it constitutes, and is a natural next step to increase the power output from the CraftEngine.


“The 10 kW unit is a fantastic product, which stands very well on its own feet, but many of our customers need even more output. The PowerPack development is a very natural next step in the direction of a comprehensive engine program, which will eventually cover all outputs from 2-10 kW and into the megawatt range”, says Tor Hodne, Managing Director of Viking Heat Engines.


R&D Director Harald Nes Rislå continues: “Our present 10 kW piston expander works extremely well. By packaging several expanders into a single engine system we will easily be able to quadruple the power output without bringing any major new technical risks into the project. The four expanders will share a common electrical system, piping and heat exchangers – and the cost per installed kW will therefore go down even further from todays 10 kW unit”.


“The PowerPack development is a clever next step in the development of the CraftEngine program” says Andreas Mück, Project Manager at AVL. “It fully capitalizes on all the experience and learnings from the 10 kW unit, and it’s pretty straightforward to develop this larger PowerPack without any major technical risks. In addition, we will also use this contract to improve the performance of the present expander and surrounding systems even more – to ensure consistently high quality, low cost and long durability”.


Tore Hansen-Tangen, Executive Chairman summarizes the situation for Viking Heat Engines: “The new AVL contract is one very important step for the company, and we find ourselves at an important crossroads. At the moment, quite a number of potential industrial partners are looking at the technology platform of the CraftEngine, and we aim to conclude this partner process by the end of the year. Once the right industrial partners are on board, we intend to extend the CraftEngine engine family with larger multi-cylinder engines, which will be able to produce as much as 250 kW per engine, and which can also be used in PowerPacks to reach power outputs in the megawatt range. These are indeed exciting times!”   



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