CRAFTENGINE - waste heat turned into electricity at a low cost

  • Small-scale local power generation from renewable energy sources
  • Industrial piston engine design by AVL Schrick – low cost and high reliability
  • Conservative design – low maintenance and long lifetime
  • Cost-effective – competitive energy costs (typ. €4-14 cents/kWh)
  • Technology protected through several patents


The CraftEngine has been developed with AVL Schrick GmbH, one of the world's leading engine design companies, where Viking has provided the technical foundation and AVL has been responsible for the detailed technical expertise with regards to the engine system design. 

Viking and AVL have also collaborated on the development of the HeatBooster, the high-temperature industrial heat pump, which is based on the CraftEngine technology platform. 

The HeatBooster turns waste heat and other low-temperature heat sources into high heat at temperatures up to 160 °C (320 °F). No other small–to medium–sized industrial heat pump can do this today, making the HeatBooster very attractive to a whole range of industries with high-temperature processes and operations.

For more information about the CraftEngine and HeatBooster, visit Viking Heat Engine's website at

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